3Pcs Turkish Coffee Pot stainless steel


3Pcs Turkish Coffee Pot stainless steel


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NOTICE:This price include three pots,small,medium,large.
With this stainless steel pot you can warm liquid such as milk and cream, or melt butter and warm gravy. The plastic handle won’t melt or get hot. It’s durable, so whether you need it for preparing that holiday feast or to melt just a bit of butter for popcorn on family movie night, the Harold Import Turkish Warmer will be there, ready to tackle any job.
Name: Turkish coffee pot
Size: 5 servings(servings with Italian 50ml / cup)
Material: High heat bronze
Turkish coffee from the selection of raw materials, roasted, ground to cook are very particular tone
Material: 15-20 grams of coffee beans, sugar amount
Coffee beans thickness: fine grinding degree
The amount of water needed: 180 ml
Complete volume: 150 ml
Necessary appliances: Turkish coffee pots, gas lamps, dry cloth


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