coating Stainless Steel Milk Pitcher


coating Stainless Steel Milk Pitcher


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Looks cool, feel good, unique, Teflon Milk Pitcher/Jug, easy to clean, in particularly busy time,it can save a lot time.This product is  the international newest province, the most popular and barista favorite. Stick resistant, high temperature, corrosion, as long as no spade shovel, wire brush, it can be used a few years. Both internal and external, with non-stick coating, foam play when milk foam does not stick to cup!



Teflon coating can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium and various alloys and other metal materials can also be applied on glass, rubber, plastics, glass and some other non-metallic materials. Teflon coating applications are usually a combination of its own superiority, and its features include:

1  not sticky: the coating surface has an extremely low surface tension, and thus exhibit a strong non-sticky. Very little solid material may be permanently adhered to the coating. Although its gelatinous substance there may be some surface adhesion, the vast majority of the material on its surface is easy to clean.
2  low coefficient of friction: Teflon all solid material having the lowest coefficient of friction, which is probably in the range of 0.05 to 0.2, depending on the surface pressure, sliding speed, and how the use of the coating.
3, does not wet: the coated surface is highly hydrophobic oleophobic, so it is easier to clean thoroughly. In fact, the coating performance in many cases by cleaning.
4  as well as a high surface resistance. After the special formula or by industrial processes, and can even have a certain conductivity, can be used as an antistatic coating.
5  high temperature: high temperature resistant coating has a very strong and fire resistance, which is by the Teflon has a high melting point and ignition point, and unexpected very low thermal conductivity. Maximum operating temperature can reach Teflon coating 290 ° C, intermittent working temperature can even reach 315 ° C.


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