100 Pcs Filter Bag


100 Pcs Filter Bag


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Size: 8 cm * 10 cm (length 10 cm, width8 cm)

Material: PP non-woven, can be installed around 5-10 g pellets

Uses: mainly used to make tea, lo package, soup, fried Chinese medicine, hot wine, etc.

1.pumping line design, easy to seal, easy to use. Boiling residue does not leak.
2. high-quality non-woven, soft, no smell, white translucent;
3. bags work fine, high strength, good toughness, high temperature sterilization;
4. thin solid side of the bag, secure leak-proof, strong resistance to high temperature of 180 degrees.
5. does not contain phosphor, heavy metal
Test index values:
Sealing temperature 180°
Operating temperature -40° ~ 120°


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