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Coffee Espresso grounds residue knock box drawer style for Barista Coffee Bar grounds container coffee  knock box drawer style    

Material: thick stainless steel

Size: 34.7*25*8cm


With deep bowl design capacity, easy to splash coffee grounds;

ITL works with the main bar is made of rubber, play a very good cushioning properties, protecting the role of the coffee machine handle;

Professional semi-automatic coffee machine is ideal for accessories.

Coffee grounds are the following effects:
(1)  Plant food. Because coffee grounds contain nutrients needed for plant growth, put it into the pot, both play a role in fertilizer, no smell. If the perimeter in plant roots, can achieve the purpose of insects do not move.
(2)  Deodorant odor. Coffee grounds have the ability to adsorb odors, therefore, is a good helper deodorant. Coffee grounds can be packed in a small pan, put the toilet to remove the odor; it can also be sewn in the bag, into the shoe, not only can act as a fragrance, but also play the role of dehumidification, if placed in the shoes Lane, deodorant effect is more obvious. In addition, the coffee grounds in the refrigerator, to avoid food odor; on the corner of the room, while absorbing odors but also to prevent invasive pests; shop in the ashtray, you can remove the smoke smell, and easier to extinguish cigarette butts; the wet coffee grounds on the pot Scoop dry, you can remove the pot smell.
(3)  Clean players. After the coffee grounds dried, mounted to the inside stockings for sanding wood floors, waxing can achieve results; you can also use old stockings wrapped coffee grounds, a layer of fabric sewn on the outside, it can act as a needle inserted, can prevent needle rust.
Beauty. Twitter massage with boiled coffee, not only can make the skin smooth, there are firming, cosmetic results.
(4)Refreshing. With coffee grounds pillow filler, has a sedative effect, can improve sleep quality.
Add a little water after bath salts and exfoliating feet can be removed


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