Stainless Steel Espresso cup


Stainless Steel Espresso cup


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-Light and easy to carry,ideal for camping ,holiday,picnic and so on.
-Convenient to enjoy the hot coffee,milk, tea, cold beer.
-Keeps coffee at the perfect temperature. Perfect size for the perfect coffee/milk mix.
-Thermally insulated espresso coffee cup  – reduces heat loss and heat transfer to the hand so coffee stays hot longer.
-Stainless steel tumblers that won’t break when used with metal utensils or when dropped. Also great for cold drinks.
-DELUXE modern finish. Be the envy of your friends. Dishwasher Proof. Looks beautiful wash after wash.
-Comfortable to hold, ergonomically designed for the hand. Simply beautiful. 
1 pc * stainless steel colorful coffee cup
Cup material: Stainless Steel 18/10
Color:Brown, Dark green, Dark purple, Dark blue
Capacity: 85ML
Size: 6.2 cm*5.8 cm*3.3 cm (85ML)
1 pc *  stainless steel coffee cup
Cup material: Stainless Steel 18/10
Capacity: 85ML, 170ML
Color: stainless steel 
Size: 6.2 cm* 5.8 cm*3.3 cm (85ML)
        7.5 cm*7.7 cm*4 cm (170ML)



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